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bessydevlin's Journal

Heather Durbin
16 July 1989
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I turn to the sky and sing, Sing to my voice's limit

My life currently revolves around Japanese culture, school and friends.

Japanese Culture: Movies, literature, music, lifestyle, history, present, future. Anything and everything interests me as long as its thought-provoking and enjoyable for me. GOOD ex: Dir en grey concerts, Miyuki Miyabe, and fashion trends. BAD ex: mindless repeating techno, para-para, and host clubs.

School: Ugh, enough said. XD I find it both enjoyable and torturing at times. I'm currently going to NWFSC in Niceville but I'll be attending FIU in Miami in the fall of 2011 to get a degree in Asian Studies.

Friends: I absolutely love going the extra mile for my friends. Literally since some of them live far away and I visit them by car.^^" Without my friends, I truly believe that my life would be full of meaningless material and possessions.

Anyways, for those who want to friend me, I should forewarn you that my journal consists of nothing but fandoms, bitching, small random joys, and is very image-heavy. But other than that, I'd like to think I'm a bit more polite and curteous to people than most.

Hope you have a fun day~! MLIA.

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