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Heather Durbin
19 September 2026 @ 02:00 am

Check out my profile you want to learn more about me~!

Heather Durbin
07 February 2026 @ 09:11 pm
I wanted to share what I already have. They're all in .rar form and the ones that are split, you'll have to use HJSplit to put them back together.

Now, most of these I picked up off random posts and internet searches so no credit is needed since well, I didn't make them.
However, if you find some that are yours and you would like to be credited, just PM me and I'll make sure to make the change ASAP.
The only ones I made are already labeled but no credit is needed, just enjoy~!^^

Also, I'm hoping to renew this every few months with new gifs collected so look forward to that.


Gifs Made by Me
Size: 347 MB
MF: .001 , .002 , .003 , .004

Random Dir en grey GIFS
Size: 62.08 MB

Random Arashi GIFS
Size: 458 MB
MF: .001 , .002 , .003 , .004 , .005

Random J-Rock GIFS
Size: 17.49 MB

Random Super Junior GIFS
Size: 105.19 MB

Random Johnny's Entertainment GIFS
Size: 137.97 MB

Random Japanese and Korean GIFS
Size: 68.92 MB

Size: 63.04 MB
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Heather Durbin
27 August 2011 @ 02:34 pm

So I had really weird and funny dream about djlancerock

From what I can remember, it started out on me flying to New York to surprise her but on my last stop before getting on the plane that would arrive at JFK, I was panicking cause I saw Arashi merchandise from their Visit Japan Promos and my flight was about to board but I wanted to buy something. But in the end, I was like, "Fuck it, Maria is worth more than some stupid Arashi merch."

So then I arrive at New York and realize I have no fucking idea where Maria lives or how to get there. Then my memory gets kinda blurry but somehow or another, I followed this guy who was like, "Oh, Maria? I know where she lives! Follow me! 8D" so I was like, "OH OK 8D!"

He turned out to be a creeper and I ran from his house and all of sudden the neighbors of maria who I've only heard of from her descriptions arrived in a trashy car that looked like it was about to fall apart and was like, "GET IN THE CAR IF YOU WANT TO LIVE!"

So we arrive at her apartment....except it's not an apartment building, it's like a wooden house, precariously swaying around in the wind and hanging off a cliff. And then her neighbors who were driving me there were like, "WATCH THIS! >8D" and decided to drive on a slant to the point where they parked on the side of the building with only a few planks of wood holding the car up. Yeah idk either.

So finally I meet up with djlancerock and we were like, "WHAT SHOULD WE DO?!" and suddenly she goes, "OH HAY, LET'S GO SEE MY FRIEND THAT LIVES RIGHT NEXT DOOR" and who does the friend turn out to be...? NEIL FUCKING PATRICK HARRIS. That's right, for some weird reason her and NPH are like best girl and gay friends.

And after that I don't remember much except we looked at NPH's weird pipe sculptures that were either shaped like animals or some abstract bullshit.

And then I woke up from my dog whining cause she had to go pee.

The end.

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Heather Durbin
05 October 2010 @ 04:10 pm
He couldn't hold on anymore.

R.I.P. Grandpa
Love you so much!

Heather Durbin
16 August 2010 @ 12:17 pm

At least I don't have to do the ArashiCrack!meme no more. XD
This time it will be.... 10 A PIECE~!
So yeah, slow internet users beware....


Super Junior MemeCollapse )


Kanjani8 meme + random Aiba doodle & mini rant within the memeCollapse )


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Heather Durbin
14 August 2010 @ 07:34 am

Gravity (a.k.a. new greatest song ever)
My Name is Oresama.com
Ossan Ossan Ore Nanbo
Moon (? I think)
Please Please Please
Where r u?
Torture (new single coming out in September)
Superhero (<333333333)
Futuristic Love

LOLOL, there was this part between Survive and Futuristic Love where he was about to say "This is Screaming Out from Tokyo" but when he said "This is!", a guy from the back who has a really low/deep voice repeated back at him, "THIS IS!"
So they went back and forth screaming, "This is!" about 4 times. XDDD
Omg, I fucking cracked up. I just wanna say fanboys will always be 10x better than fangirls in terms of concert yelling.
In the second to last screencap, you can see Miyavi's lol-face during this moment. XD
10 small screencapsCollapse )




And this was from yesterday's live, in which I cried like a stupid fangirl (but I think it was because I just woke up lol)

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Heather Durbin
31 July 2010 @ 12:06 am

Back on track peoples! I didn't have any classes today but I finished two exams yesterday and I think I did allright.
To make up for the huge lack in activity for these memes, I'm gonna do 7 a piece for the SJ and Kanjani8 memes and then just finish the rest of the ArashiCRACK!meme.
So yeah, if you don't look at this huge entry, I do not blame you in the least. But if you're bored with nothing to do, it might be a good way to just waste some time on. 8D


SJ memeCollapse )
Kanjani8 MemeCollapse )


ArashiCRACK!meme Collapse )

Freaking hell, that took me forever.

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Heather Durbin
13 July 2010 @ 09:45 pm
Okay, I have a feeling that I'm gonna get behind on the next few days not only because of birthday but I also have a test on Thursday and I need to finish homework that's due on Thursday. So the next....4 days will be completed of Suju Meme and Kanjani8 meme.
However, the ArashiCRACK meme will still be day-to-day since it's not that long.
Anywayswho cares?letsmoveonwiththememes

Super Junior Meme

Kanjani8 Meme
Traveling Man accidently strips for Ryo while screaming "LIAR!"....oh and a fav quote from a songCollapse )

Arashi coughcrackcough Meme

PRONZ~! 8DCollapse )
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Heather Durbin
12 July 2010 @ 05:01 pm

Ugh, I already missed a day. I really am bad at keeping up with these things.....D8
Oh well, we make up for those days.

Super Junior Meme
Fav OTP (not really) and Sub-GroupCollapse )
Kanjani8 Meme
LOL Rumours and Fav Yoko PicCollapse )
Arashi coughcrackcough Meme
Mystery Time and Fav Nekkid PicCollapse )

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Heather Durbin
10 July 2010 @ 09:27 pm

And all of them are Asian-pop.
And yes, I'm procrastinating. As the yushze.


First Day: Ultimate Bias is revealed~~!Collapse )
Kanjani8 Meme
First Day: Fav Kanjani8 songCollapse )

Arashi coughcrackcough Meme
First Day: Oh, the things to do...Collapse )

Maybe this time I can keep up with it without missing like, a week's worth. D8
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